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Match Made in Heaven


I work with the everyday woman who is self doubting and uncomfortable to move forward by being, well... selfish. You might be experiencing self-doubt, anxiety at work or in your relationships, difficulty finding happiness and satisfaction, and more. Perhaps you compare yourself to others and feel the emotional effects of our 'open-book' lifestyle on social media. You have goals and you are afraid to try accomplish them. You may have interpersonal conflicts that leave your feeling stuck, misunderstood or taken advantage of.


You have trouble saying no. You tolerate inappropriate behavior from others. You blame yourself for other people's inappropriate behavior towards you. You take on responsibility for other people's issues and find yourself putting forth your time and energy when it is not beneficial to you nor reciprocated. You are motivated to make a change.


If you have any of these experiences or others, I can help. To support your busy lifestyle, all my sessions are wireless, conducted over the phone or video chat. Whether you live in NYC or elsewhere, travel for work, or have a demanding schedule, I can meet your needs. Lets talk. Schedule a free consult here!

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Selfishladies is a framework developed by Kim Sarembock Grevler to help women understand and manage their self doubt and anxiety and turn it into positive change and self motivated action. Women, for many reasons, are socialized to put the needs of others before their own as a means of developing their self worth. This is ass-backwards and selfishladies is here to correct it. We do not build confidence or a sense of self when our focus is on the other. When others’ needs come before my own, I lose the ability to identify and tap into my needs, which creates a tremendous amount of doubt and confusion in the system, which then manifests in anxiety and lack of confidence. It promotes dependence and indecision and indirectness – variables that prohibit confidence and security. So we must unlearn this by first recognizing the greatest paradox of all – that putting my needs first allows me to build my confidence and present a better version of myself to the world and to those I care about. Being selfish is NOT something to be judged or shamed, but rather, an empowering mindset that will result in meaningful connections with others.


To do this, the selfishladies model is simple: boundaries, negative thoughts, and self validation. To be selfish and confident, I need to have boundaries, to set boundaries, I need to understand the thoughts that make me minimize and devalue myself and needs, and to address those thoughts I need to learn a language of self validation and compassion. This framework is taught to my clients by me in private sessions, it is written about in detail on my blog and instagram, and will hopefully, in time, be available as a certification course for women to learn for themselves or teach to others.

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"My life has completely transformed since working with Kim. From the beginning, I felt heard and validated. She helped me recognize a different perspective and honor my own intuition, which is something I've struggled with my whole life. Since we started, I created my own business, moved to the city I want to be in, and left an unhappy situation to find joy for myself. I'm much more mindful and able to combat my own self-criticism now, and that is a direct result of her support and honest feedback. Our work has been invaluable. Cannot recommend highly enough!"


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"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects"

Albert Einstein


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