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Happy Clients

"My life has completely transformed since working with Kim. From the beginning, I felt heard and validated. She helped me recognize a different perspective and honor my own intuition, which is something I've struggled with my whole life. Since we started, I created my own business, moved to the city I want to be in, and left an unhappy situation to find joy for myself. I'm much more mindful and able to combat my own self-criticism now, and that is a direct result of her support and honest feedback. Our work has been invaluable. Cannot recommend highly enough!"

"Kim has an incredible knack for helping you to identify those thoughts that are making you feel bad and empowering you to combat them. I really appreciated the structure and material that she provided which gave me something tangible to consider when I was working through things with her. Initially I was hesitant about the text package but it was brilliant. Imagine having your therapist available to you every weekday, twice a day! It was great to be able to discuss things as and when they arose. Kim is warm and encouraging and will change your life for the better :)"

"I have nothing but positive things to say about Kim and my time working with her. Since working with her I feel like a better person and have more confidence with myself. Each session was a new lesson and I felt more and more comfortable opening up to her. She helped me focus in on my self doubt and spiral thinking to find the source and how to overcome both. She taught me about SHIT thoughts and how to challenge those thoughts so I don't let my spiral thinking take control. These are all practices I continue to use daily. Throughout my work with Kim, my confidence has gone up, my moments of anxiety have lessened and I have so much more free energy for myself. I can't thank Kim enough, she has helped me acknowledge myself and become more selfish in my life." 

"Kim helped me become aware of my negative thinking patterns, insecurities and perfectionistic tendencies that were making me very anxious and generally unhappy for most of my life.  From there, I learned to set boundaries, develop self-compassion and new beliefs that help me live more comfortably in life's uncertainty.  I now trust myself more.  I basically learned how to care and soothe myself, ask for what I need and what I want."

"I have nothing but immense gratitude for Kim, she truly transformed my life. I’ve tried traditional therapy before and I never felt heard. Kim hears you, she deeply listens and connects with you. She doesn’t try to force any therapy mumbo-jumbo on you or put a label on you. Instead, she will meet you where you are at; with compassion, warmth, and understanding. Sessions with her felt like talking to a friend that is wise and insightful and that is what made the difference for me. I was able to work through some of the most difficult moments in my life with her and I am a transformed person because of it."

"She changed my life – helped me reframe my mindset, the courage to start my own business and set boundaries for myself. I’m a different person. Can’t recommend her enough."

"I am so grateful to have had Kim as my therapist. She brought so many insights and so much clarity to my emotional and mental health challenges, and helped bring me to the best state that I've ever been. She was caring, attentive, paid attention to my details, and really felt like she was with me through this whole experience in a much bigger way than I thought possible with an app program. She was incredibly supportive and non-judgmental even when it was the hardest for me. She was adaptable to my needs as well, whether it was chatting through text or recording. I very highly recommend Kim as a therapist to anyone."

"Kim is amazing!

I have nothing but great things to say about Kim- she truly helped change my life. I started at the lowest I've ever felt in my life not really expecting much. I've never tried traditional therapy, but I knew sitting in front of a stranger wasn't for me. I also wasn't sure if texting was for me and if it would feel even more impersonal than traditional therapy, but Kim completely surpassed my expectations. Even through written messages I always felt heard. She has truly been a friend through this process even though we've never met. Kim listened to every meltdown I had and I never felt judged in any way. She is comforting, warm, and helps you get to the very root of the issue. She gets you to think of the hard stuff even when your mind tries to ignore it and she is always prompt with her replies. I felt better in just a few weeks with her. I will take everything Kim has taught me on my journey in life and I am forever grateful."


My sessions with Kim changed my life for the better!!! Our first session was an eye opener! While working with Kim, I was able to change many aspects of my life and things are now great! She’s top rated!!!"

"One of the greatest

KIM IS AWESOME! She is very caring. She is very detailed and tries to get to the root of the problem. Her suggestions are great"


Kim is awesome! Open minded helpful, not pushy or judgmental. I've never been so comfortable talking to someone. She's wonderful at her job."

"Helped me understand myself and relationships

Kim is great! She was very understanding and patient with me. She helped me remember how to live a positive life outside of the one I created for myself in my bubble as a recent graduate. She supported me while I was going through tough times with my relationships, both personal and work related. She helped me see other perspectives on my situations, and I've recently become a more content and happy person!"

"Kim is wonderfulI have been talking to Kim for almost four months now. Looking back, I can see how far we've come. I'm thinking about things very differently than before, and overall my life is making more sense. Kim is a smart and thoughtful person. I highly recommend her.”

"Thoughtful, prompt and insightfulKim follows up, asks thoughtful questions and is sensitive to what feedback works for me. In a short amount of time, I have gained tremendous insight from working with Kim and couldn't recommend her enough."

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