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You may have reached my site because you are not satisfied or fulfilled in your life at the moment. Perhaps you experience anxiety and don't know what you want or need to feel better. If you want more out of life, and you are ready to look inward and work on yourself to get it, then I am the coach for you! I will help you understand why you are feeling stuck and teach you the skills you need to work through your self doubt and anxiety.



You might feel taken advantage of by your bosses and colleagues; saying yes when you really want to say no. Acting out of fear guilt or obligation. Perhaps you dream of a different career but hold yourself back out of fear that you are not good enough. I will help you better understand yourself and your environment and the thoughts/beliefs that prevent you from achieving your personal and professional goals.


Our anxiety and self doubt can get the better of us when we are in relationships where we tend to put others needs before our own. Maybe you have trouble communicating your needs effectively to others, so you avoid conflict. Perhaps you fear others talking badly about you or judging you so you bite your tongue and tolerate. I will help you to better understand your insecurities and blocks in your relationships in the context of your thoughts and belief system. Through this shift in perspective, I will then teach you how to change, so you can handle yourself differently in your relationships resulting in you getting what you need as much as you are giving to others.


*Issues often overlap, so you do not have to choose one kind of consulting. We will likely cover a combination.


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