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Selfishladies Coaching


Selfishladies coaching is similar but also very different from therapy. I work with women who are motivated to make real changes to their lives. My job is to help you gain a new perspective on your issues and your challenges so that you can set goals to move yourself forward. Coaching is future oriented - we focus on goals to get you up and going. Where therapy might keep you talking about the past, coaching will go there with you to find what is contributing to the current issue, and then we will use that information to help you heal. Therapy will focus on your mental health diagnosis and treatment if you have active symptoms of depression, bipolar or any other diagnosis, where coaching does not. As a coach, I will facilitate your change by holding you accountable, sharing my insights and observations, and assigning you weekly tasks to complete between sessions. Because of this, those who struggle with blaming others, or have difficulty taking responsibility for their setbacks may not be appropriate for coaching and might suit better in therapy. My goal as your coach is to empower you and help you accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

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