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Packs a Punch

Hi I'm Kim Sarembock Grevler, welcome to my site! Licensed as a Clinical Social Worker and fully-certified as a life coach, I’ve been working with children and adults in mental health since 2011. I left the field to recharge and redirect my focus after feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied by my work. I knew that to do this, there were some personal barriers I would have address first; constant feelings of guilt, self doubt, and resentment towards others. I knew there was something to this that was necessary for me to understand, but I could not get after it on my own, and unfortunately my experience in therapy was not helpful or what I needed.


While on this journey, I decided to take a life coaching course to expand my credentials, and ended up getting more out of this course personally than professionally (at the time). I connected with one of the course facilitators and hired her as my coach... it was there that everything for me changed. I was not at all interesting in coaching or helping others until I reconnected to myself. My coach helped me sort through my thoughts meaningfully and with support from myself. I started noticing that my guilt and self doubt were real, and were part of a problem much greater than me alone.


Taking this time out to process my experiences and my personal barriers, I began piecing years of puzzle pieces together. I started putting words to cultural and societal issues that we as women face starting from how we are raised, and what we are taught about ourselves and our role in the world. The lack of boundaries in my life, deferring too much to others, and caring more about them than myself - this was the crux of my issue. It was time to get SELFISH.

Kim Sarembock Grevler

I educate and coach women to first notice how they are operating under fear guilt and obligation to others, and then to understand how the self doubt, resentment and anger that follows is linked to their lack of boundaries and thus lack of confidence and comfort. The work you will do in our sessions is hard and challenging, but if committed, you will come out of them a changed woman, with a new perspective, and improved behaviors in your life and relationships.


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Match Made in Heaven

I work with the everyday woman who is self doubting and uncomfortable to move forward by being, well... selfish. You might be experiencing self-doubt, anxiety at work or in your relationships, difficulty finding happiness and satisfaction, and more. Perhaps you compare yourself to others and feel the emotional effects of our 'open-book' lifestyle on social media. You have goals and you are afraid to try accomplish them. You may have interpersonal conflicts that leave your feeling stuck, misunderstood or taken advantage of.


You have trouble saying no. You tolerate inappropriate behavior from others. You blame yourself for other people's inappropriate behavior towards you. You take on responsibility for other people's issues and find yourself putting forth your time and energy when it is not beneficial to you nor reciprocated. You are motivated to make a change.


If you have any of these experiences or others, I can help. To support your busy lifestyle, all my sessions are wireless, conducted over the phone or video chat. Whether you live in NYC or elsewhere, travel for work, or have a demanding schedule, I can meet your needs. Lets talk. Schedule a free consult call here!

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